Photoshop Friday - Basics of Blending

This month please join me every Friday for Photoshop Friday, where I will share with you some fun and easy Photoshop tips and techniques. Today I am starting with the Basics of Blending.

Blend modes in Photoshop Elements can give an ordinary photo more interest.  This tutorial will show you the basics of blending modes to help you achieve a more artistic look.

Once your picture file is open, make sure that duplicate your layer.

By duplicating the layer you can now adjust the top background layer to achieve a different look.

Click on the drop down menu in the layers pallet.  By choosing the different effects it will change the look of that layer.

Then use the Opacity Button to slide it to achieve the desire look.  This is where you can play with the different modes and opacity to get the look you like.

I like to use the Screen to lighten up photos that are a little dark.

If you would like to add texture to your photos, you can use textures or in this example this is a file from a vintage book.  

Drag, drop and position the texture file over the photo.

Choose the different effects from the layers menu and change the Opacity.  

 Once you have achieve the desired look, save your file as a .jpg with a new file name so you don't copy over the original file.

I hope that you enjoyed this Photoshop Friday Tutorial.  Come back on Monday for as I join other Crafty Secrets Design Team Members for another fun and easy Tutorial.

Have a great weekend, sweet friends.

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Julie Marie said...

Looks fun Sheila... we don't have photoshop... I don't alter my photos any, other than to put my blog name on them... your photos are always fabulous!... Happy weekend to you!... xoxo Julie Marie