October - Won't you Stay Awhile?

October is one of my favorite months.  The rich colors of autumn are bursting forth.  The blanket of leaves that fall and crunch under foot.

Cool crisp mornings are upon us.  It is a time to open the windows and let the fresh air come in.

It's a time to enjoy the tastes of autumn - warm apple cider, candy corn with peanuts and delicious pumpkin bread warmed up with melted butter on top.

Oh, the wonderful days of October...  won't you stay awhile?

Hope to see you on Friday for another Photoshop Friday Tutorial.

Have a blessed day.


traci said...

Honestly the best month of the whole year. For me at least!!

Julie Marie said...

It's my favorite month of all Sheila... and I love how you describe it!... especially love the leaves crunching under my feet... oooh, and caramel apples!... your photos are so beautiful, as always... Happy October!... xoxo Julie Marie

Marissa said...

I wish the fall would last the whole yr.. Love the crisp air!
and I am loving the pumpkin spice coffee too..

Leah C said...

It is indeed a wonderful month... LoVe October!! Mow, if only it could be followed by May;)

Leah C said...

Ugh...a typo! That should be "Now, if only..." {yeesh}