Finding Soul Comfort

This month, I am so blessed to be apart of Soul Comfort, an inspiring and comforting Ecourse by Melody Ross.  With my dad's health issues, adjusting to my daughter's recent going away to college and just the day to day pressures of work, family and home, this course came at just the perfect time. 

I am learning how to 
* unplug from the computer
 * enjoy the process of heartfelt journaling (and trying not being too critical of the way it looks)
 * pick up a needle and thread again and find the soothing rhythm of stitching 
and learning to set boundaries (got to get better at doing this).

I am finding that I love being able to set aside a few minutes to find comfort.  Comfort in reading from His word.  Comfort in doing small steps that create such an impact in my life.    

(pictures taken at Farmstead)

 It quiets my soul and brings me comfort.

Wishing you comfort today, sweet friends.


traci said...

that sounds like a wonderful e-course. good for you. enjoy the time.

Marissa said...

That is fantastic! have a good time!!!

Jackie said...

Love Melody Ross/BraveGirls! I hope to take the course soon! Enjoy xoxo

Leah C said...

I'm so happy you're finding comfort:)

Kathy/NorthCarolina said... is so important to feed our souls. Glad you are making time for this. Know this is a tough season for you. Praying for your dad...and for you to know the comfort of the Father's hand on your shoulder. Hugs!