Senior Session

I had a fabulous time taking these pictures with Shelby, her mom and sister.  

Not only is Shelby gorgeous on the outside but inside she has a heart of gold.

I might be a little prejudice as she is my niece, my twin sister's oldest daughter,  who is becoming such a beautiful young lady.

So proud of the young lady that she is becoming.

Have a great senior year.

It will go by so quickly and then on to your next journey.

May God always bless your path sweet girl.  I love you.

Thank you Shelby, Sherri and Shannon for allowing me to take these pictures.

(I will be also sharing later this week, her lovely sister Shannon too!)

Love you!


Leah C said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl!! I especially like that last black & white lovely:) I hope that Shelby has a wonderful senior year!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Sheila, she is just a stunning young lady. Beautiful photos!

vivian said...

you take great pictures. and your niece is lovely!
have a great week

Jessica Rodarte said...

So beautiful!

SL said...

Thank you for the fun time, sis!