Capturing God's Beauty in the Garden

With the dog days of summer upon us and many of my flowers have faded, I am so glad I captured God's beauty in my garden. 
(Papers & Garden Images from Crafty Secrets)
I have fallen in love with gardening... 
I enjoy spending time and being inspired by some beautiful gardens around blogland.  Anne Marie of Nada Farm has a beautiful country garden that nourishes her family and brings such beauty.   

(pictures courtesy of Julie Marie - idyllhours)

And then one of my favorite's for all her beautiful flowers and her love of nature, is sweet Julie Marie of  idyllhours.
(pictures courtesy of Julie Marie - idyllhours)
I enjoy strolling through her gardens in her pictures.  I can almost smell the sweet fragrance now... 
(pictures courtesy of Julie Marie - idyllhours)
Thank you Julie Marie for sharing pictures of your lovely garden.
Do you have some favorite garden sites that you visit or do you have a garden that you would love to share? Please let me know... I would love to visit!
Wishing you a beautiful day, sweet friends.


Julie Marie said...

Oh Sheila, how very sweet of you to feature my gardens today... I love that you have fallen in love with gardening too... alot of my flowers have pooped out right now... we have had days and days of 100+ degree weather, and our water is now being rationed... not good for a gardener like me!... my gardeners just keep on gardening... no matter what Mother Nature gives us!... hopefully we will get some rain soon for my thirsty plants!... thank you again for sharing some of my photos... xoxo Julie Marie

Julie Marie said...

Ooops, that was supposed to say "we" gardeners... not "my" gardeners... I don't have a gardener!... I do it all!... xoxo Moi