Grandma's Crochet Treasures

For as long as I can remember, my sweet Grandma held a crochet hook in her hands.

Through the years Grandma gifted us with treasures made by her loving hands.  Later in life, she suffered from Parkinson's disease and her head and hands shook all the time, sometimes very violently but through it all she still created these beautiful and delicate stitches.  She had an amazing faith in God and though she had adversity she never gave up.  Each time I look upon these treasures, I am reminded of her faith and love for her family.  

Love you Grandma!


Diana Seal said...

Hi Sheila, what an amazing talent and a wonderful treasure!
Your Grandmas creations are truly beautiful!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Leah C said...

Beautiful! Very special treasures...xo:)