Finding Beauty in Simplicity

In taking a look through my camera lens, I have come to find the simple beauty that is all around if I only take the time to really see.  So many times, I have the tendency to race to my daily activities, work and then home...  not really noticing all the beauty that surrounds me.  

I having been making a conscious effort to stop every day and find the beauty in the simple things.  The blooming flowers in my garden, the birds sitting on the bird feeder, even the beauty of my morning bowl of granola with fresh fruit on top.

These days, if you listen to the news you can find all the hurt and bad in the world.  Today, I am focusing on the beauty that God so graciously gives us.  I am so blessed!

Come back on Monday for another easy tutorial. 

Wishing you a beautiful day, sweet friends.


Julie Marie said...

Beautiful words and photos dear Sheila... I too try to focus on the good things in life and the beauty all around us... I love your blog because you are always positive and happy... I have had to stop looking at some that are always negative... negative people can wear us down so easily... and life is too short... I want to be happy!... thanks for more inspiration, xoxo Julie Marie

vivian said...

A lesson learned in college; we were told to look around the room and to notice everything that was blue. so we did.. we found blue purses, blue clothing, blue books, blue pens, blue paint everywhere... then the professor asked us to close our eyes and remember what we saw that was red. The moral to the lesson was we will see what we look for, if we look for the good we will see the good... if we look for beauty we will see beauty. but if all we are focused on is negativity and darkness thats all we are going to see! that lesson struck such a chord in me.. Ive always been a positive thinker, but that lesson sealed the deal!
your photographs are beautiful!
have a great weekend

vivian said...

whoops.. I left part of that story out.. when the professor asked what we saw that was red, most of us could not recall seeing anything red because we were looking for the blue!

Leah C said...

It's amazing what we see when we allow ourselves the time to look.
Beauty all around us!