Digital Tutorial - Changing Colors of a Digital File

When I began scrapbooking and card making, the one thing that I enjoyed the most and still do is adding the elements to achieve the look I want.  Many times, that perfect element just doesn't go with my project.  Whether it was because it was too large or the color just isn't right.  I then I am digging into my stash or  have to go buy another element to complete my project.  That has created a lot storage issues.  

That is why I love creating with digital elements.  You have the ability to change it to any size or color with a few clicks of the button.  Below is a digital tutorial on Changing Colors of Digital Elements.  I have used PhotoShop 11 to create this tutorial.  I am no expert by any means, but I hope that these easy steps will get you own your way to creating beautiful digital/hybrid creations.

Open the digital file that you would like to create with.

You can change the intensity by adjusting the midtones, shadows, highlights and saturation.  You may adjust the color tones by increasing or decreasing the red, green, blue and lighten or darken buttons.  

This may take some playing around, but remember that at any point you can reset the image by clicking the Reset Image button.

For this digital creation, I wanted to copy the purple of the crocheted bottle.  I clicked on the Color Picker Tool and then clicked on the color that I wanted to select.

It then changes the color (see step 3 above).  Then by clicking on the Paint Bucket Tool, you can then click on the area that you want to color with the new color selected.

Since I had taken down the intensity of the black in the original image, I selected the Color Picker Tool and selected the color black.  Then I used the Paint Bucket to fill in the Black of the image.

To use this new image over and over again, please choose another file name to save the new image.  

By creating this new purple image it completed this digital layout of my sweet grandma in the colors to match the bottle.

I finished my project digitally, but the great thing about creating with digital files is that you have the option to print out and create a hybrid project.  The possibilities are limitless!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  Any questions, please leave a comment or email me at

Hoping you have a wonderfully creative day, sweet friends.

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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

You are such a smartie! I don't have Photoshop, but I am trying to figure out PaintShop Pro. It's slow going for me, but I am making progress. Love your layout!