Lifelong Friendship

I have been so incredibly blessed to have a wonderful friendship with the first person I ever knew...  my twin sister, Sherri.

(Images from Crafty Secrets  Garden Girl and Creating with Vintage Typography CD)

We have been together through it all.  The ups and downs of life.  We haven't always seen eye to eye, but our friendship has weathered it's storms and seen many bright, sunny days. I can't imagine my life without my first friend that God blessed me with.  Love you Sherri!
Come back on Monday, for another digital tutorial that I created just for you.
Have a great weekend, sweet friends.

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Julie Marie said...

You two are sooo adorable!!!... there is nothing better than the bond between sisters... I talk to my sister Jill every single day... she is my best friend as well... (besides Tessy!)... xoxo Julie Marie