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It's Official

May 17, 2013

It's official, she had her last day of high school this week and graduates this weekend.

Where did the time go?  It just seems like yesterday that this little girl started kindergarten.  I remember dropping her off at school and turning away before a tear slipped down my cheek.  And then anxiously waiting until her half day was over to pick her up with my sweet Mom and take her to McDonald's for lunch.  And now she will be walking down that isle this weekend to receive her high school diploma and then walking into her new stage of life... that of a college student. 

I am so excited to see her becoming that beautiful young lady reaching for her dreams of becoming a elementary teacher, but at the same time my heart aches.

 It's official... 
as she is celebrating the end of her high school years, 
my heart is breaking and the tears quietly stream down.

Connie (aka LOU) said...

And that even made me cry. Cherish these moments.

traci said...

yay!!! congrats to all of you. such an exciting time.

Julie Marie said...

Oooh Sheila... I am sharing some tears with you... but certainly they must be happy tears too as your beautiful daughter pursues her dream of becoming a teacher... congratulations to her!... xoxo Julie Marie

Leah C said...

It's hard to believe "our girl" is graduating and heading off to college! The time sure did fly by...too fast. We are so proud of Janna and are thrilled to be able to watch her spread her wings so beautifully. She's gonna soar, Mama...but don't you worry, she'll always find her way back home. Congratulations!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm right there with you. Yusef had his last official day of high school on Thursday. He still has his Business IB Exam on Monday and Tuesday and then his Chemistry exam the following Sunday but then he is done. Graduation is June 2nd. I will likely be a blubbering idiot. Ha! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Tammy