Digital Tutorial - Drop Shadows

I have had a long time affair with Mr. Pop Dot (see my confusion here).  I just love how he adds dimension to my artwork...

But did you know that you can also add dimension into your digital artwork just be a simple click of the mouse?   Whether you are creating an all digital artwork or to use in your traditional or hybrid artwork, this tutorial will show you how.  I am no expert by any means, but I hope these easy steps will get you on your way to creating beautiful digital creations.  I am using PhotoShop Elements 11 in my examples.

Once you have open your files and started creating your artwork, you can then create drop shadows on elements to add dimension.

By clicking the FX Effects and making sure that the drop down menu shows Drop Shadows.

Make sure to click on the element that you would like to add a drop shadow to. 

 Then double click the desired drop shadow.  You can try each one to determine just which one looks best in your artwork.  The great thing about creating digitally is that you can use the Undo Button if you don't like something that you just applied.  

Just look at the difference between the two layouts...  

I added drop shadows to the butterflies, book page, ticket and library card.

(Layout created with Crafty Secrets Creating with Vintage Typography CD)

So just like Mr. Pop Dot, being an essential part of my traditional scrapbooking and artwork, now Mr. Drop Shadow is a part of my digital artwork.  Hopefully Mr. Drop Shadow will be poppin' into your digital artwork too!  

Wishing you a gorgeous day, sweet friends.

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