Vicki Chrisman

I have been a part of this blogging community for almost 6 years.  It has been an incredible journey with creative adventures and treasured friendships made around the world.

For many years, I have admired Vicki Chrisman and her artwork through her blog.  

I just love her vintage fun style that mixes a little vintage with colorful whimsy.

Her artwork puts a smile on my face.

(all pictures courtesy of Vicki Chrisman)
Recently, to my surprise, Vicki asked if I wouldn't mind helping her with her blog banner.  
Of course I said "Yes."

The best part of this experience, other than finally being able to work with her, was to actually get to talk to her on the phone!  (I know... the little things excite me!)  Hopefully one day, we will be able to meet in person.  Thank you Vicki.

You can visit Vicki here on her blog. Tell her I said "hi."


Leah C said...

How cool! Those little things are sometimes the "big" things:)

Vicki Chrisman said...

Are you kidding? I'm the excited one!! lol Thankyou so much my friend! I'm LOVING my new blog look!

Julie Marie said...

How fun for you Sheila!... love it when bloggers get to meet, even just by phone!... I will visit her too... xoxo Julie Marie

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I'm right there with you. I've been following Vicki for years. I think she is the very first blog I ever subscribed to. You did a fab job on her new's is so "her" and really chic.