Surrounding Myself with the Things I Love

I am not that kind of gal that changes my decorations in my home often.  I love surrounding myself with things that, I find beautiful and truly love.
Maybe it is because in most of my decor, I incorporate a little of the past.  Or maybe it is because I get too sentimental about my artwork and that of treasured friends that grace home.  

Like this one....

It is packed full of memories of Silver Bella, friendship (new and old), antiquing trips and more. 
Maybe it's because once I put the time into creating these pieces, I just can't imagine not surrounding myself with them for years.

I am inspired by all of the beautiful decorating magazines and blogs...  but then when I think about giving up (or taking down) some of these treasures my heart just aches.  Maybe it isn't the time right now.
Maybe in time, I will tire of them but for now I will continue decorating and surrounding myself with the things I love.  

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Julie Marie said...

Oh Sheila... I loved reading this post!... I was starting to think I am the only lady in blogland who isn't constantly changing her home around!... it's fun to see all of the different decorating styles, but I am with you... our home is filled with the things we love... most all of them have sentimental feelings attached to them and I will never put them away or part with them... and those made by hand are the most precious of all... your and sweet Julie at A Vintage Chic inspire me so with your handmade creations... full of love of family, past and present... these are the things that make a house a home... please don't ever change that!... most of my furniture is over 30 years old... I love it and won't ever paint it or anything!... we just take really good care of our things and make them last... I do love to find something new (vintage) and exciting... but am very choosy about what I buy.. xoxo Julie Marie PS My country journal you made for me sits right out in my kitchen!...