Snow Covered Memories

Childhood memories come floating back each time school is cancelled for snow. It was a time when my sisters and I would gather our snow gear and head out to the hill between our house and our neighbors.  Spending the day sledding down our hill and making snowmen.

In our earlier years, we used our sled (pictured) here, but later we used the saucers.  Oh, what fun those saucers were... and oh, the speeds that we traveled down our hill!

Then we would all head inside to drink hot chocolate and thaw out.  Once we warmed up, it was back into our cold weather gear and out we went again.

When my kiddos were younger and I didn't have a choice but to stay home with them on snow days (as the schools were closed), we would enjoy sledding, building snowmen and sipping hot cocoa.

Now, my kiddos are old enough to stay at home by themselves, they don't enjoy going out in the snow and getting cold.  They instead enjoy staying warm inside, sipping hot cocoa and watching TV, playing on the Xbox or crafting. 

For me, my sled has been retired for years and decorates our front porch and I head into work remembering all the childhood memories of a snow day. 

I think big kids need to have a snow day once in a while... don't you?


Leah C said...

Absolutely! I don't like snow & winter...but "snow days" are wonderful;) Your post brings back some fond memories!

Julie Marie said...

Love this post Sheila and your precious sled and all of the memories it now carries... we too loved being out in the snow when we were little girls... our hill our home was on was the perfect sledding hill, and the city would actually put barriers up and only those who lived on our street could go up it... the snow would stay packed forever on the street and the entire neighborhood would all come out after dinner and sled and laugh and have so much fun, young and older alike... thanks for bringing my memories alive today too... now, I am like your children... I want to be inside with tea or hot chocolate and warm!... xoxo Julie Marie

Life on Lemon Lane said...

I have never lived where it snows but I love a rainy day for just that reason. To be stuck inside with no where to go is the perfect kind of day to me.