Sweet Memories

Each year we gather at my mom's (Grammy & Grandpa's) house for our cookie baking day.  We first started this tradition before my sisters and I even had children.  We baked all day long as we listened to Christmas carols and had a delicious pot of chili.
Then as each of our children were born, they too came to join in the tradition.  The first several years after having kiddos we tried hard to hold onto traditions... eating what the adults liked and spending all day in the kitchen.  But as our kiddos got older they had different ideas...

The all day baking was replaced by a shorter day.  We learned that baking some of the cookies and mixing up the cookie dough ahead of time, made it a much more enjoyable time for the kiddos.  They could get to the fun part of decorating the cookies and dipping the pretzels in almond bark. 
Chili was replaced by (cardboard) pizza and sodas were replaced by juice packs. 

What still stays remains the same is that Grandpa still comes in to kiss each of the kiddos and steal a few cookies along the way.  Grammy still lovingly helps each of her grandchildren roll out the dough and create delicious memories.

As the kiddos get older there are fewer and fewer sprinkles to clean up.  Maybe one day we once again will have chili for the grown ups. 

(Vintage Street Market Products - Click here for the recipe)

This year, Janna was a little melencholy afterwards and asked if that was her last cookie baking day since she would be away at college next year.  We all lovingly reassured her that she will always be able to come to cookie baking day... she will never be too old.

Wishing you sweet memories this Christmas season.


Julie Marie said...

What a beautiful day you had... and I love that their grandpa comes in with kisses and snatches cookies!... precious memories and family traditions... there is nothing better... xoxo Julie Marie

Leah C said...

No matter what you eat, no matter how many cookies you bake, I bet it's the family togetherness that makes cookie baking day simply the best!! Merry Christmas to you & yours, dear friend:)