Doubly Blessed

Today, I am reminded how incredibly blessed I am to have shared my life with my twin sister, Sherri.

From the moment I can remember, I have had a built in friend and sister to share life's experiences with. From our first steps, to our first day of school...

from our first bicycle rides,

to our first time dating, to marriage, motherhood and everything inbetween. 

For 46 years, we have shared so many beautiful moments together.

Today, as we celebrate our birthdays and I reflect on all the wonderful years together, I am incredibly blessed to have had you to share them with sis!

Happy birthday, Sherri, may your day be as special as you are to me.

Love you Sis!


traci said...

how sweet are these photos?! happy birthday my dear friend and to your sister too. have a wonderful day!!

Julie Marie said...

Happy birthday to you and your sweet sister Sheila!... such fun seeing your photos as you shared your life's blessings... hope ALL of your birthday wishes come true!... sisters are the best!... xoxo Julie Marie

Leah C said...

Double the joys...double the blessings!! Oh my dear beautiful friend, wishing you & your sweet sister a "super-sparkly" Happy Birthday!! Love you:)

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday Sheila! I hope you and your Sister had a wonderful celebration!! Sandy xox