Could I Do It?

Could I actually go completely creams, whites and browns in my home?

Recently I have found myself loving the mixtures of whites and neutral colors that people are decorating with.  You know from some of these talented and beautiful ladies...

Recently I decorated a long hallway toward my kitchen with these creamy treasures.  Some handmade with my dear friend, Leah, and then this gorgeous shelf that I picked up at an antique store.

I am loving this neutral pallet on this wall.  It is pleasing and comforting to my eye.

I don't think that I could ever go completely white, but this might be the inspiration I need to go with creams with splashes of white in areas of my home.

What do you think?


traci said...

i think it looks beautiful. you can do it!!

Leah C said...

The shelf and goodies look absolutely beautiful! Go for it!

Leah C said...
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