When Did it Happen?

When did my little boy start growing into a young man? 
When did the baby formula become sports drinks, the cute tiny feet suddenly wear a size 10 and the cute baby outfits become basketball attire that is worn all year long no matter how cold it is outside?
There are moments when I look into those baby blues and see the little boy that I once held in my arms. That same little boy, who at 2 years old had cute, tiny curls at the back of his neck that I reluctantly had to cut off.  I remember how "old" he looked back then after his haircut. 

Today, my little guy is 15 years old.
(pictures taken by my dear friend, Leah.   Thank you!)

Buddy, we are so very proud of the person that you are...  for your tenacity, you willingness to go after your dreams, for your sensitive and caring side, for your funny sense of humor.  We have love you, Bud!

Happy Birthday!


Julie Marie said...

Happy Birthday to your darling son Sheila!... wow... I have watched him growing up as well through photos on your blog since we both began... I hope all of his birthday wishes come true!... xoxo Julie Marie

Leah C said...

In the blink of an eye...
he looks so grown up! Happy Happy Birthday dear Connor!! May your special day be as WoNDeRFuL as you are:) Love you!!! xoxo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I look at my boys and ask myself the same thing every day. My youngest who just turned 14 is now as tall as me. When did that happen. Just a few months ago he still had inches more to go. Yikes! Happy birthday to Buddy! Best wishes for a great week. Tammy

Anonymous said...

happy birthday for your son :)


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