Seasons of Life

I can't believe it is November.  Where did the year go?

Autumn is soon coming to an end and suddenly it will be winter.  Each season, I seem to try to hold unto it just a little bit longer, especially fall with all it's rich glorious color.

Maybe it is because I also feel that I am in the fall of my season.  Where experience, age and wisdom go hand in hand to create a beautiful, evolving masterpiece. 

I want to soak up all that this season of my life is bringing.  My kiddos in their teens fast approaching adulthood, working to be a better me, taking time for reflection and growing nearer to God, putting myself out there and really living, growing and learning without as much pressure as what I felt in my summer and spring seasons.

Wishing you a beautiful season dear friends.


Julie Marie said...

Autumn has come and almost gone way too fast Sheila... I too want to hold onto it a bit longer... wishing you a blissful day, xoxo Julie Marie

Vicki said...

We are definitely in the same place. So well said. Love the card.

Leah C said...

Beautiful post...well said, my friend. And I'm hoping our "autumn season" lasts for a very looong time;-D