A Momma's Heart

When both of my kiddos were born, I knew from that moment on that my heart would be walking outside of my own body.  I have felt my heart swell with pride and love at my children's accomplishments... those first steps, learning to read, reaching a goal that they had worked so hard for. 
What I didn't realize is the incredible pain and worry that my heart would feel when they fall down and get hurt with lifes unexpected curve balls.  

It was so much easier for this Momma's heart when they were younger.  Most of those hurts got hugged and kissed away.  Now hugs and kisses don't seem to even touch the hurts they experience as they grow up. 
It is hard to let our children grow up, intrusting our children's well being to others along their journey.  These people have the power to be a positive influence or break their young spirits.  I wonder if these people know what incrediable power that they hold in their hands to shape future generations.

As a parent it is hard to see my children get the knocks, bruises and disappointments. I am blessed that right now, being teenagers and still under my care, that I can be there for them to help guide them and sooth their hurt.

 God has blessed me one of the greatest gifts of all, my children.  Even when this Momma's heart is breaking, I will find the blessings it in all.  I will teach my children how to pick themselves up and still reach for their goals. 

Boo & Buddy, I am so proud of you.  Keep reaching for your hopes and dreams.  I believe in you and will always be here for you.  Love you!


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Sheila...your post made me cry!!! You speak for all of us dear heart ~ our oldest is 30, then 28, 26, 21 and 15 and I still worry about each and every one of our boys. They are our gifts in this life, our true blessings. I just want the best for each and every one of them!! hugs and love, Dawn

traci said...

what a sweet post sheila. it is really hard sometimes. the mama bear comes out in us. protect. you are truly blessed and so are your dear children. they have a special mom.

Leah C said...

Beautiful post, dear friend:) A momma's heart is a tender thing...but oh so strong, too!

Julie Marie said...

You are such a beautiful mama Sheila and I know you have instilled all of your own wonderful views on life into your children... xoxo Julie Marie

Holly Moore said...

God knew I needed to read this just now. My oldest is just 5 and I am struggling with sending her into the world. She's been in school since August and my heart has been breaking for her already. I just have to pray I can raise her up in the way she should go. Thanks for your sweet, encouraging post, made me cry, feel not alone, and remember to count and cherish my blessings.
Hugs, Holly