Holding onto Fall

October seems to have flown by and November is just a few short days.  We have been blessed to have had gorgeous fall weather, with crisp mornings warming up to beautiful fall days.  But late last week, the north winds blew in and it turned cold in our little Missouri town.  Way too soon for this girl.

The leaves are starting to fall from the trees and the once picturesque blanket of rich colors is being replaced by leafless branches.  I find myself wanting to hang on to fall for as long as I can. 

(A few digi layouts using Crafty Secrets Halloween CD.  Just lovin' all the beautiful images!)

This week, I have decided to take a little more time to enjoy this autumn.  To get out and really take in all what is left of my favorite season, before it is totally gone and a blanket of snow and cold covers us.

Wishing you all a beautiful fall day, sweet friends.


traci said...

great layouts.

i know...it has been really chilly here too. i wish fall lasted longer.

Julie Marie said...

I'm with you Sheila... I don't want to let go of Autumn either... one thing I do, is press some of the beautiful fallen Autumn leaves I gather on the trail, then put them in a frame to remind me of the delicious Fall day I gathered them... your photos are just adorable!... xoxo Julie Marie

Leah C said...

I'm with you...wanting to hold onto autumn for a while!! Anything to keep ol' man winter at bay;) Loving those layouts!! I think I know those people {wink wink}...