They Make Me Laugh

Never having a brother to grow up with, I love seeing the relationship that my two kiddos have.  A big sister and little brother kind of love.
For the most part, they don't fight like my sisters and I did growing up.  You know the knock-down drag-out fights... the kind that ended up with a little less hair and a few scratches strategically placed.

Now don't get me wrong they do have disagreements and fights, but for the most part this layout sums it up.  It is the ornery little brother playing tricks on his older sister. 

I want to remember this moment forever.
  (Thank you sweet friend for capturing it at our annual pumpkin patch trip last year!)

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Wishing you a beautiful day, sweet friends.


Hearts Turned said...

Wonderful layout, Sheila--love the pictures of your beautiful kids! My brothers & I had a relationship like that, too...

Wishing you the loveliest of days, dear friend!


Leah C said...

Love the layout...but I love those two even more!! So happy to have snapped those shots;)

Unknown said...

HA! I'm glad my Sisters and I weren't the only ones who used to pull each other's hair and scar each other with! Great layout! I sent you an e-mail about Cedric the Gnome. I'm so glad you can join in! I found your address too.


traci said...

cute photos for a gorgeous layout. i love how that photo captures them. very, very sweet.