Moments to Remember

It doesn’t take large acts of kindness or milestone celebrations to show someone that they are loved. 
There are the small moments everyday that can tell someone just how special they really are.
It can be a spur of the moment family outing to the bowling alley, out to dinner or home movie night to tell that special someone that you care.

These moments are all too soon forgotten.  I know that is so true for me. 

As I get older, I remember far and far less of these precious moments. 

Moments that when they happened, I vowed I would never forget. 

This album, I put together to capture these moments of my sweet twin sister’s moments with her family.  Some place that captures all these moments that we are soon forgetting. 

A mini album or journal is a great way to capture these moments all too soon forgotten. 

As I look back through all my mini albums, journals and scrapbooks I smile and remember those moments... 

When my sweet husband went off to the Gulf War, when my children took their first steps, their school parties, home movie nights and swim parties. 

Oh, so many sweet memories....
You can find this album and other mini album and scrapbook page kits at The Scrappy Gourmet

This morning, it was the special, unexpected phone call from my sweet husband just to say “I love you” is the moment I want to remember.  What everyday moments with your loved ones do you want to never forget?  I would love to know.

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with special moments.


traci said...

this is such a sweet album sheila. you are so very talented!!

Leah C said...

You've created another beautiful album, Sheila...another beautiful reminder of all the moments that make life sweet! I know your sis will just love it:)