Creative Souls... an Interview

I just love the creative community that brings fellow creative souls together. For years, I have been blessed to meet and become friends with some incredible people who have been such blessings in my life. A few weeks ago, I shared about a dear friend Jennifer Morris that I met at one of my workshops at Farmstead, now I wanted to share a little about April Schweizer who I have had the pleasure of getting to know through Jennifer. April is the partner behind The Gathering, a creative retreat on Sept 29, 2012. Recently, I had a few moments to sit down and get to know April better…

April, could you share a little about yourself?

I am a wife of 20 years, mother of three girls, and a full time home health nurse. In school I always loved art class and collecting stuff at antique stores and flea markets. As I grew older I was always crafting, cross stitching, quilting, a little bit of drawing. As my kids got older and I worked more I kind of lost my creative side until My wonderful Sister in Law Jennifer had me take a couple of your jewelry classes and it sparked my brain again and I am so thankful!

I am so excited for you and your creative retreat, The Gathering, that is coming up on Sept 29th!

It is going to be an amazing event! So many great women are participating I am a bit star struck!!! I believe it has already exceeded our expectations!

What inspired you and Jennifer to host this event?

Jennifer was telling me about her wonderful classes at the Rusty Chandelier and together we thought how great would it be to have a day with several different classes offered and at the same time be able to shop? There are so many creative women around and sometimes it just takes a class to spark an interest that could grow into a life long passion.

What is your favorite part about running a creative business?

Currently I just do some jewelry on "the side." It is my stress relief. I enjoy being able to just let my mind wander and focus on the task at hand and forget about all the stresses of the world around me :)

What inspires you?

So many things! A color, a piece of rusty metal I find, a song lyric...and it amazes me how all of these awesome women I have met along the way have so many different beautiful, creative styles and none of them are the same! Everyone has the ability to create and even though they may think it's not good enough or doesn't look like so and so's the uniqueness is what makes it YOU and what makes it wonderful.

April, thank you for taking some time to share a little bit about yourself. 
Wishing you all a wonderful day.


Amusing Provincial said...

Love that girl!!!

Leah C said...

How wonderful to "meet" April:)

Leah C said...

How wonderful to "meet" April:)

Leah C said...

I'm sorry...I don't know why my comment gets doubled!