We Interrupt the Pretty...

to bring you hard hitting, aggressive basketball.
This weekend we traveled to Newton, KS with Connor's competitive basketball team the KC Orangemen.  Teams from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado showed up for the tournament.

We started off a little slow and took some lumps along with way, losing our first 2 games.  But then the boys gained momentum and won the next 2 games, which put us into a chance for the consolation final 4.

The boys came out strong and fought hard, being up at half time by 10 points.  But then suffered an emotional loss by 2 points sending us home.

These young men came together as a team giving it their all.  Lessons were learned that even when you play your best, sometimes it doesn't get you that win.  

Then to end the weekend on a good note, we headed to the track and arcade place in Wichita for some competitive fun with kids and parents.

It was so good so see smiles on their faces once more. 

(in case your wondering Ken is the biggest kid of all!)

Great job Orangemen you make us proud!


traci said...

that is the greatest picture of connor and his dad. the smiles say it all!!!!

Sarah said...

Good job guys! I am sure there were a lot of sad faces, but its an accomplishment to make it that far so they should be proud!

Leah C said...

The boys may not have won the tournament, but it still looks/sounds like a winning weekend to me!! Love that photo of your two "kiddos";)