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A Mom's Love

June 13, 2012

There is something so special about Moms.  The way that they nurture, love, teach and  comfort.  Mom's are the cheerleader for their children and kiss the minor hurts of childhood goodbye.
At 45, I am still blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my mom, who I call on frequently just to talk.  When I am hurt or need someone to listen, she is there.  I hope that I can be half the mom to my children as she has been to me. 

Before my darling husband had turned 7, his loving Mom was called to heaven.  I ache for that little boy that never got to grow up with his Mom.  To hear her comforting and reassuring voice and to have her hugs surround him.
After the death of Ken's father less than 2 years later, he was blessed with another Mom.  Sister to his Mom, who would continue to raise him as her own.

2 Sisters and Moms...
Sharing 1 love and raising my husband to the man he has become today.
2 Women....
1 gave birth and loved him for 6 years before God called her home.
1 who loved him afterwards and gave him a home.

I sometimes ask my sweet husband if he could would he have wished not lose his parents and such a young age. His reply is always the same...

No, because I would never have met you and had this incredible family I have now. 

I am so thankful to those 2 incredible women who lovingly raised my husband to the man he his now.
Julie Marie said...

Such a tender, heartwarming post Sheila... I too lost my mama too young... and I miss her... but she is always here with me, in my heart... xoxo Julie Marie

traci said...

oh sheila. what a sweet post. once again your words touch my heart!!

stephanie said...

Perfect timing to read your post as I'm preparing to spend a long weekend with my mom who lives a few hours away...Hope you are doing well!

Ann Marie said...

What a wonderful way to honor both your husbands mom' always know just what to say and how to create feelings onto a page!!
I Love the background paper and the stitching on the sweet!

Leah C said...

Such a tender tribute...beautiful post, sweet friend!