Blessed Beyond Measure - Moments in Time Album

There are moments when I look at our lives and feel the pressure of everyday living. 
You know... the bills, work, scheduling conflicts, air conditioning breaking down in the middle of a hot spell. 

Then through it all, I am reminded of how blessed we are.

Our loving and supportive family... that is there for us through it all.

Our friends, near and far... some I have never met but through this little blog of mine.

Friends who encourage, lift us up or are just there to share your worries and fears.

Today, even though there are pressures that seem to weigh me down...

I am choosing today to find all the blessing that God has given us.

From the very small blessings hearing the birds chirping this morning their bright and cheerful song.
To the work that we go to and the cars that get us there.

To the larger blessings of our family and friends...

We are truly blessed beyond measure.

Wishing you a day filled with blessings.


Leah C said...

You ARE truly blessed, dear friend! And when the going gets a little rough, remember I'm here for ya:) xo
P.S. Another beautiful it!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Indeed we are all blessed but sometimes let the craziness and business of life sidetrack our ability to see the blessings in the simple things. Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

cmeicu said...

Thank you for the kind words that lead me to think about faith. Through faith we all go through the fire saying "This too shall pass." My soul looks back and wonders how we made it over. I know God held my hand and he has never left me yet. This is my test of faith as God continues to bless me when I sometimes don't know how I will get through.