Learning as it's Growing

These past several years, I have really enjoyed spending time gardening.  
Inspired by so many wonderful gardeners here in blogland, it has become one of my favorite past times.   I am definitely learning a lot about gardening.
 I excitedly admire each little growth, new blossom or fruit my garden produces.

Then as the blooms fade, I anxiously await the next growth.  After reading one of my sweet gardening friend's blogs about pruning roses, I too set out to prune mine back to once again wait for the next blooms.
Now I am seeing new growth and the start of new blooms!  Thank you Julie Marie for your advise.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.


Julie Marie said...

Hello Sheila... I am so happy you have fallen in love with gardening!...it is so therapeutic and relaxing... your rose in the first photo is so pretty!... and how fun and exciting it is to pick veggies fresh from your own garden!... wishing you a blissful Summers day... xoxo Julie Marie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

My husband is determined one day to have a garden to take care of -- that'll be when we retire, wherever that may be (maybe Sri Lanka). So hard to keep anything growing in the environment we are currently in. The only thing still blooming are my reliable little moss roses. Just love those little guys and they don't need to be pruned. I have always heard that you should never let flowers die on the bush -- they should be cut and enjoyed so that new buds can form. Happy gardening and pruning to you! :) Tammy

traci said...

good think there are no snakes in those gorgeous garden photos.

Leah C said...

I love that you love gardening! Maybe you could help me convince my husband that having a garden would be good:) Pretty pictures!

Leah C said...
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