Beauty has so many faces, shapes and forms.  Beauty can be found in the loving wrinkled hands of a grandma that has reached out to give that reassuring hug to a grandchild.  Just to let them know how much they are loved. 
Or to the strong, but gentle voice of a father who gives encouragement and support.  Or the sister whose arms give a gentle hug and pat on the shoulder to her younger brother who just had a hard game.  Or the mom, who gently bends down to kiss a tear away and gives comfort.  Or a kind friend who leaves an uplifting comment or emails that brings beauty my day.

All of these signs of beauty that are easily demonstrated each day, but sometimes overlooked and taken for granted. I am so blessed each day with a loving family and friends who show beauty just by being there. Thank you for your beauty that surrounds me - comforts and encourages me.

Wishing you a day filled with beauty, sweet friends.


traci said...

that is so sweet and very true. i find that as i get older i find so much more beauty all around me.

Julie Marie said...

Love seeing all of the beauty on your posts Sheila... beauty is to be found everywhere... and I love how you have captured it... xoxo Julie Marie

Cheryl said...

I wish everyones eyes were open to the everyday beauties that life shares with us. I guess those that "see" the beauty in all things are indeed truly blessed!

Unknown said...

Awww, so lovely! Have a great weekend!