Thank You, A Special Gift & In The Creating Zone

Thank you all for all the lovely comments of encouragement about my design team audition!  They mean so very much!  Thank you, dear friends!

This past Friday, after an extra rough day at work, a little pink package was waiting for me when I got home.  Oh, what could it be?

 A thoughtful, beautiful gift lovingly made with my dear friend's hands and gifted to me.  It brought tears to my eyes.

 Each little detail, brush stroke and paper selected with care and then added with love. A random act of kindness that will now forever hang in my home to remind me of a beautiful friendship that God has blessed me with.

Thank you dear, sweet friend!

These past several weeks, I have been in the creating zone.  I love when I am in the "zone".  All worries seem to slip away and all I focus on is creating from the heart.

Here are just a few peeks at what I have been creating...
(click above to see more gallery pictures of this layout) 
(available at The Scrappy Gourmet)

(click above to see more gallery pictures of this layout)
(available at The Scrappy Gourmet)

(click above to see more pictures of this album)
This album is filled with pre-printed quotes and extra space to add your own!
(available at The Scrappy Gourmet)

And a peak at another album coming soon to The Scrappy Gourmet!

I have enjoyed being in this creative zone!  It seems to fuel the creative fires and I long for my creative studio and time to create. 

Here is a peak of one of my projects that I a posting at Vintage Street Market blog...

Won't you join me there?

Wishing you a wonderful day, dear friends.


traci said...

you are in the zone girl. i am impressed. could you please point me in the direction of the zone. i can't seem to find it. haha. your canvas from leah is beautiful too. she is so sweet.

Leah C said...'ve been a busy little bee!! Loving all those creative goodies you've been making:) And you're so very welcome for the canvas; I'm glad it made you happy!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sheila... what a beautiful gift from your friend!... and I LOVE your little book of quotes!... I keep a journal of favorite quotes as well, but it is not nearly as beautiful as yours... xoxo Julie Marie

Suz said...

That is gorgeous. Note soon...I was thrilled with the gift.
I am anxious to see about the design team you are auditioning for!
Big hugs,