Taking the Time

There is something to so rewarding about taking time to create for myself....
Really digging in and enjoying each precious process...
Playing, creating, stamping and just listening to my heart.

Not caring about the laundry that piles up, the meals to be made or the dust that is settling on the furniture.
Not having the pressure and anxiety if someone will like it or not.
Creating and including bits and pieces of treasures that mean something to me and to my family.

This is a gentle reminder to myself to schedule time on my calendar each week to create just for me. 

Does anyone else do this?  Would love to know.

Wishing you all a beautiful day.


Donna@soakinginmustard.com said...

Sheila, your mini album is just gorgeous. And yes I think we all NEED to schedule creative time, it's so good for the soul.


Leah C said...

I'd much rather "play and create" than do a load of laundry any old day! Enjoy your "me time", dear friend:)

Suz said...

That is so beautiful. I never do anything for myself and
I always feel mad when I don't, especially if I am doing several of the same things. I am so glad you do this.

i am busy keeping vigil here. Jud is having a hard time with the medication. Hospice has been great. I really appreciate them. Sometimes I feel like this is too much responsibility and I don't know how to "do" it but I am plugging along.