A Family Experience

With this unseasonably warmer winter, we have turned our thoughts towards spring and our garden.  From what we are going to plant, to when and how to keep "bambi" out so we can enjoy the fruits of our harvest.
I have been dreaming of starting my garden from seeds this year, not pre-purchased plants.  The varieties are much better.
I have never been much of a green thumb, but I am taking up this new adventure of gardening with gusto and a little help from my dear family.
Last night my family set around the dinner table talking and planning our new garden space.  Each person wanting something different to grow in our garden.
(My Quote Journal)
The best part about this garden,we are making it a family experience. 

Any garden tips that you would love to share, would greatly be appreciated!

Wishing you a beautiful day, sweet friends. 


Jan Hennings said...

so beautiful!

traci said...

nothing like spring. i can't wait til we can get outside and play in the dirt. i don't have such a green thumb either but i still like to pretend i do.

Hearts Turned said...

What beautiful inspiration, Sheila! I've been such a bad gardener for the last couple of years, and have been feeling so guilty about it--what a great idea to have a garden scrapbook...think that just might get me going in the right direction! Love the idea of planning it with the whole family, too...perfect!

Thanks, as always, for most wonderful, inspiring ideas, dear friend...


Leah C said...

No green thumb here...just love that your garden is a family activity! I'd love to grow a garden, too, but there's one big obstacle: his name is Boomer, not Bambi;)

Miss Gracie's House said...

Spring is such a wonderful time to dream...have fun together...the fruit will be sweet!

kathy said...

I , like others have no green thumb -- but dearly love flowers --and nature . Your garden journal is so beautiful -- Thanks for sharing --and love the quotes ! they speak to my ♥-- Kathy - ga