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Crafting & Connecting Weekend

February 4, 2012

I have anxiously waited for this weekend for a while....  Last night my dear, sweet twin sister and I hit the antique district in the West Bottoms, which included Bottom's Up and many new antique stores.  Inspiration and antique overload. 

Tonight a few of my sisters and I will be getting together to craft some more...

and then tomorrow when most everyone watches the Super Bowl, I will be spending sweet time, with my dear friend Leah... 
What will we be doing???  Do you want to know??

Yes, you guessed it we will be crafting!

(This is one of my favorite journals that I made for my sweet friend, Julie Marie)

Oh, a glorious weekend filled with people I love, talking, laughing and crafting!

Hoping you all have a wonderful creative weekend, dear friends (I know I will)!
Julie Marie said...

Hi Sheila... oooh how exciting!... you showed some pages from the darling farm journal you created just for me!... it is sitting right here next to me and I still love it so!!! I wish I lived close to you so I could learn how to craft all of the beautiful things you do... I hope you enjoy your special times with your sister and your friend... sounds so relaxing and peaceful... wishing you a most beautiful day... xoxo Julie Marie

FarfallaDK said...

Oh, that journal is truly stunningly beautiful! I love it!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Leah C said...

Antiquing, crafting, connecting...can't think of a better way to spend one's weekend!! Because of you, sweet friend, I actually look forward to Super Bowl Sunday;) xo
P.S Beautiful journal!

Debbie said...

Wow, you are one lucky lady!!!
I love the journal, so sweet!!


A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, I just love your beautiful creations here, have the most heartwarming style...

What a fun thing to spend time creating with your friend during the Super Bowl--perfect! I'm sure you had a wonderful time!

Thank-you again for the beautiful necklace! I LOVE it so much! I posted about it last week--my photos didn't do it justice, though!

Wishing you a beautiful day, dear friend...


Ann said...

I love surfing all the blogs and finding such a beautiful one. I'm a Kansas girl, is the new antique stores in Missouri=West Bottoms? If so thats really close to me. I adore your awesome creations. We loved the Super Bowl, our favorite won.
Have a fabulous week.