The Month of Love

January 31, 2012

Tomorrow is February, the month of love. 
This year, I have decided to pick a special love one each day and share a little love with them.
No, it won't be diamonds, pearls or gold treasures....
It will be thoughtful, creative ways to say how much I love them.

Maybe a sweet card filled with the reasons I love them...

Maybe a few chocolate goodies tucked under their pillows with a simple "I Love you" written on it.

(Pretty in Pink Cards Designed for The Scrappy Gourmet.  Click here to get your kit!)

I am anxiously looking forward to the month of love!  How about you?

Leah C said...

Oh love is a wonderful thing...sounds like some sweet ways to express it:). Beautiful, beautiful cards, dear friend!! xo

traci said...

gorgeous cards sheila. more beautiful than any store bought ones.

Suz said...

Valentines Day is my very close second to Christmas...I love it so much. I have all these wonderful materials this year and not much time. We are going to Mesa to see Jud's parents and I don't dare mess up their house! Darn! You made beautiful things, Sheila. Just beautiful!!!
Big hugs,

Suz said...
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Cheryl said...

Ahh I love that idea, may have to use it!! I love that card it is sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

These cards are sweet! Love the soft pink colour scheme!

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Vicki said...

How sweet! These are very pretty too. Thanks for visiting this week!

Sandy Michelle said...

Those cards are beautiful!!

Sandy xo