In Her Footsteps - Lead On

I recently finished, my new favorite album for The Scrappy Gourmet.  One that is very near and dear to my heart -- In Her Footsteps.

It is a heritage album that is filled with all the women whose footsteps I follow...

From my dear mom, who I am so thankful to call friend.  She gave up so much to stay at home and raise us during most of our childhood.  She has taught us, guided us and shows us daily how much she loves us and our children. 

I hope that one day, I can be half the woman, wife, Mom and Grammy that she is.

Love you Mom!

From my Grandma Jones, who taught us that you didn't need money to have fun together.  She would take us "bumming around", the fine art of window shopping.  Then afterwards she treated us to McDonald's.  My mom and her would always playfully "argue" about who was going to pay for our meal, but she won out most of the time.

McDonald's is still one of my favorite places to go eat, as it brings back so many wonderful memories of our girls days out "bumming around".

Grandma, who though slight in stature (only 5' and barely 100 lbs sopping wet) gave the best hugs that would engulf me in her love.  I miss you so much Grandma and wish you could have known all your beautiful Great Grandchildren.  I hope that when Granddaddy finally came to home to heaven, he told you all about them. 

Love and Miss you so much, Grandma!

From my MaMa, who taught me that you can still be a beautiful lady and still be a great fisher(wo)man.  At almost 90 years, she is still going strong.  When not spending time with her family, she enjoying bowling on a weekly league, going to friend's houses to play cards, and fishing with my Dad when the weather is good.  She enjoys spoiling her family with her homemade candy apples and summer sausage.

Love you MaMa!

From my dear Great Aunt Ruby, who never was able to have children, took Sherri and I in as babies when my mom had to go back to work.  I loved coming in to her kitchen from tinkering in the garage with my uncle, where she always had a homemade treat made warm from the oven.  She still refers to my sister and I, as "Little Women".

Love you Aunt Ruby!

To all these beautiful women who I have followed in their footsteps... I am the woman I am now because of all of you.

Love you all so much!

(This album is currently available in a very limited supply at The Scrappy Gourmet.  For more pictures please visit here.


Jan Hennings said...

WOW!!! This is gorgeous!

Leah C said...

Another gorgeous album! Love how it's dedicated to all those beautiful women in your family:)