Heart & Determination.

Football has been Connor’s life since he was in kindergarten.  For the past 9 years, he has lived, breathed and sweated this game during the football season.

He has given it his all, even though for many years now, he has been one of the smallest guys on the field.  He has shown heart, determination and guts as he tackled many guys almost twice his size.

He has been a part of so many team accomplishments.  In 6th grade, his team went to the playoffs.  He was the only defensive back to stop the other team’s star athlete.  Even though his team lost that day, he had a fabulous game.

In 7th & 8th grade, his MS football teams went undefeated.  Because of his heart and determination, he was chosen as 1 of 8 kids to be honored to be a black jersey recipient.  He was recognized by the coaches, taken to dinner before the High School football game and then got to stand down on the field at the HS game. 

Due to his size, Connor is beginning to realize that even though he loves this game, this may well have been his last season playing the football. 

We are so proud of you, buddy!  You have shown so much heart and determination.  There were so many times you could have quit, but instead you picked yourself up and got back in the game. 

No matter what you chose to do, we be there for you and we will be cheering you on!  Love you buddy!

This Football album designed for The Scrappy Gourmet.

Wishing you a wonderful day dear friends.


Leah C said...

Way to go, Connor!! And the album is so cool...a wonderful way to showcase his "heart & determination":)

Suz said...

That is one of the coolest scrapbooks I have seen. I can relate to the size issue. My brothers went through the same thing in high school. They grew later but I think, for at least two of them, it was good that it ended then as they were free to focus more on academics, which they needed :-)
He is so cute...just all-American. Both of your kids are!

traci said...

woohoo connor!!! i love that album. what a great treasure for him many years from now. i can just picture him showing his kids. love it!!