Wheels to Independence & Back

When I held my new bundle of joy for the very first time, I knew as a Mom I was to help her grow, give her lots of love, teach her, cuddle her and give her wings to fly. 
What I didn’t realize then, was that I would also be giving her the wheels to more independence….
I cried the day we purchased the car.  Not because we spent the money, it was because I knew in my heart it was the next step to her being gone. 
There have been many prayers these past several weeks, asking God for her safe travels.  And each time I hear the garage door go up, signifying she is home again, I breathe a sigh of relief and thank God.
I am beginning to realize that these wheels will not only take her away, but will bring her back home to us… I pray safely! 


Hearts Turned said...

What a beautiful post, Sheila...I understand and feel every word! Daughter number 1 is a teacher out-of-state, daughter number 2 is 17, and daughter number 3 will start later this year...oh, the prayers!

If we didn't give them that independence, though, we wouldn't be very good mothers, would we? (that's what I keep having to tell myself every time they leave the house!)

Your daughter is just lovely, Sheila...and she looks VERY wise and responsible--and happy!

Wishing you a wonderful, worry-free weekend, dear friend!


Leah C said...

She's not gone, just growing up. And remember, you didn't just give her wings...you gave her roots, too...and she knows the way home:) xo

Unknown said...

Wow she is growing into such a beautiful and independent young lady!

Have a great week!

Sandy xox

traci said...

oh what leah said is so true. i have goosebumps. how exciting. and that is an awesome car to have.