I Bet You Didn't Know..

that I come from a long line of beautiful, creative and strong women...
 who enjoy catching a fish or two ever so often.
 I am so glad that my Grandma, MaMa and Mom all taught me that I could still be very feminine but also enjoy fishing and horseback riding.
I just love my Mom's turned up nose in this picture... makes me laugh!

My dear friend, Leah is kicking us off in glittery holiday style at The Creative Patch

Come on over, you'll definitely want to make a few.
Wishing you a beautiful day, sweet friends.


Leah C said...

I did know:) And yes, that look on your Mom's face is priceless!!

Holly Loves Art said...

I am NOT surprised! What a lovely tribute to your mom. She's very cute. :) Thanks for the link too. I popped over and visited there as well.

Happy December 1st!

Connie (aka LOU) said...

Good Morning Sheila -

New follower and I can't wait to check more of your blog. Looks like some interesting stuff. I remember you & Leah from Jeanne's class in the spring.

Have a good day.

Connie LOU

traci said...

she looks so cute. turned up nose and all. they definitely passed their creative side to you.

Unknown said...

I always knew you were a strong woman :) Leah's class looks so festive and fun!