Have You Ever Left Your Camera at Home....

and then kicked yourself because you did?

That is what I did when I went to Claudia's Studio for her Christmas Party. 

Thank goodness for my dear friend, Nora's IPhone, that captured all the fun, merriment and beauty of Claudia's breath taking studio.

Every where you looked was beautiful displays of vintage goodness.
(I could move in just as it is!)

I met some incredibly talented and beautiful women that shared their love of vintage goodness and crafting.
There is something about spending time with other kindred spirits that rejuvenate the soul.

 During this season of hustle, bustle and long lines, it was a welcome retreat.
We mingled and laughed... 
 We even broke out in song.. 
And we talked until late in the evening and just didn't want all the fun to end.... 
Thank you Claudia, for hosting this wonderful Christmas party, that I hope will be an annual one!   
And to all the  lovely women, thank you for a wonderful time.
(and Nora - thank you so much for all the pictures!)

Note to self...  do not leave home without your camera!

Wishing you a beautiful day, sweet friends.


traci said...

ok. i wanna go there. looks like an amazing place. and to spend an evening there with friends. perfect.

Leah C said...

Looks like you ladies had a fun time...and to be surrounded by all those pretties...even better:)

Debbie said...

Wow, what amazing talent!! I love the tutu lamp cover and the mirrors with clocks, but everything else is so beautiful as well.

Looks like you gals had a grand ol' time!!

Merry Christmas!!


Beth Leintz said...

So glad you got some pictures from Nora- Claudia's studio looks amazing- and I know it was full of fun and creative women who's creations I've admired for a long time.
Wishing you a happy holiday season!

Suz said...

Christmas blessings to you, dear Sheila.
Big hugs,