December 14, 2011

There are moments when I look at this lady in the mirror and see the little girl behind those laugh lines, wrinkles and gray hairs that seem to be multiply daily.

  To that little girl who thought 30 was old and never ever imagined how she would feel to turn 45.
So today, I am focusing on all my incrediable blessings that God has given me these past 45 years. 

For my loving and supportive family, for my dear, sweet friends near and far, for this creative blogging community that has pushed me to grow as a person and helped me discover my true creative passions.  For our health, confortable home, jobs and cars that get us where we need to go.  For being able to share my creative passion with others.  For so many blessings that I am still continuing to count... 

I am thanking God for each one.  

I am indeed blessed in so many ways today and every day.

Happy Birthday too, to my dear twin sister, Sherri.  Love you sis!

Leah C said...

Happy Birthday to you, my dear, beautiful, young friend!! 45 looks good on you...so glad you're counting your blessings, you deserve every one of them:) And celebrate the "little girl" in you; she'll be with you always! Love you:)
P.S. Please tell Sherri I wish her a "happy Birthday", too.

Leah C said...
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C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Happy Birthday dear Sheila and to your sis Sherri too!... you look just beautiful!... and I hope all of your birthday wishes come true... I think the little girl is there in all of us... as long as we stay young at heart... I plan to... I am 62 but many days I am ten years old again... xoxo Julie Marie

traci said...

happy happy birthday sheila. welcome to 45. i have been waiting for you. hehe. i am so glad to have met you and call you my friend. i hope your day is amazing...just like you.

My Vintage Studio said...

      •*”˜˜”*°•. ˜”*°•♥•°*”˜ .•°*”˜˜”*°•.
**♥**♫ ♫ Happy Birthday ♫ ♫**♥**
   .•°*”˜.•°*”˜.•°*”˜♥ ˜”*°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°•.
Hope you have a great day!

Tracey said...

What a lovely post Sheila! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! You are beautiful inside and out!


:) T

T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday to you! And to your sister, too. I will be 46 in February. I remember when I thought my mom was old at age 30. Now I am thinking 45 isn't so old but it still seems weird to say the number. :) Hope your day is great. Best wishes, Tammy

A Vintage Chic said...

Happy, happy birthday, Sheila! You are absolutely beautiful, my friend--and 45 is a GREAT age! I'm creeping dangerously close to the big 5-0, myself!

Hoping today is wonderful in every way, dear friend...thanks for all the beauty and joy you bring to us all through the year...


{p.s. I still see the little girl in me through all the wrinkles and gray hair...here's to keeping that little girl shining through forever!}

Jan Hennings said...

You're beautiful everyday :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my Really Reasonable Ribbon project, too :)

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Happy Birthday to you Sheila!! I'm finding more happiness in my 40's than ever before and I hope you are too! Counting those blessings helps to keep them coming!!! Merry Christmas to you too!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

You don't look 45!!! Happy Belated Birthday sweet girl! I forgot that you and my son share birthdays! I hope you celebrated with lots of (spiked) egg nog :)

Birthday Hugs!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday! Such a sweet post!