Autumn Work

This past several weeks, we have been putting our garden to rest
planning and preparing an addition to next year's garden
 and planting ground cover on the hill in our backyard.
 We spent hours on the internet searching for deer resistant plants. 
 Little did we know that our deer would enjoy pulling up our liriope that we just planted!  We have replanted them 3 times and still they pull them up. 
The good thing is they haven't pulled up the blue rug! 

Thank goodness for my family who pitched in and helped.  It will be exciting to see how this place takes shape in the next several years.  Thanks dear family for all your help!

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Have a wonderful autumn day, sweet friends.


Leah C said...

Oh those pesky deer! I bet I know how the dh would like to take care of them;)

Suz said...

I am amazed to see your kids so involved, Sheila. That shows great kids and good parenting.

We are waiting to see if Jud gets into Mayo for a clinical trial. We are worried they will not take him because he has had too much treatment. It is a roller coaster, indeed. I'm pretty beat.


Jan Hennings said...

So good to see the family involved!