Home Grown Dream

Six years ago, we moved to our home in a smaller town outside of a large city.  

Our dreams were to raise our kids in a close knit community, where the schools were smaller and the pace a little slower.
 Where when we walk out the back door onto our porch we can see the stars in the sky instead of the lights from the city.
 And in the mornings we can hear the sweet melody of the high school marching band practicing. 
 Autumn brings Friday nights spent tailgating with friends and cheering on the high school football team.
 And participating in the homecoming parades from the high school to our small downtown area where the kids end with a pep rally.

 Where it is common to walk outside and see a deer (or two) even in our small subdivision.
Little did I realize how much I would come to love this little house in this small town.
 So many sweet memories made in these walls.
 We are so blessed to call this small house our home. 
After 6 years, I finally finished this album filled with pictures of our home when we first moved in.  Paint colors have changed, wallpaper has been taken down and we finished our downstairs area to add more living space.  But what hasn't changed is the incredible blessed feeling that we are living our home grown dream.

Wishing you a beautiful day, dear friends.


Leah C said...

It's a lovely "home grown dream"!! And I feel blessed to have been welcomed into your beautiful home so many times, dear friend...it's a place filled with love:)

Jane said...

What a great post! I think you'd better start a new book to include all of the wonderful memories that are yet to come!!

Holly Loves Art said...

What a lovely post and such a fun project to depict a special time in your life. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love this!

Ciao Bella!