Happiness & Laughter

August 11, 2011

These little guys keep me on my toes: from 5 am wake up calls to go outside - even on the weekends, to barking at the deer in the backyard, to grooming them and making sure that they are healthy.  But what they give in return is so much more...

Following me around like little shadows.  Curling up right next to me or on my lap wanting attention as they drift off to sleep.  The laughter that ensues when they play together running around in circles. 
They bring so much happiness and laughter that it even makes the 5 am on the weekends seem not that bad...  (well sometimes).  I couldn't image my life without these little guys.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, dear friends.

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, what sweet little friends you have, Sheila--and how lucky they are to have YOU! Love the adorable pages you made in their honor--just perfect, my friend!


traci said...

it's amazing how attached we become to our little 4 legged friends. they are extra children. very sweet. those 5 am wake ups would get a little old though. yikes.

Tracey said...

Aww, how cute!! I so wish my children could have a dog as I love them but 2 of my 3 littles ones are allergic to them :(

Hope you are having a wonderful Summer Sheila!!!

Big hug ~


p.s. I highly recommend Scott Kelby's digital photography books...there is a 3 volume box set available on Amazon and it is very reasonably priced and he speaks in plain English, which I love :))

Miss Gracie's House said...

I am starting to see why ladies get so attached to their dogs...we do love to take nuture, don't we? I am sorry to read about your husband's health issue...I will pray for you to have strength, peace and faith.

Lovey said...

sweet companions...

Suz said...

They are so sweet, Sheila. Aren't two dogs together just wonderful? I am still keeping your husband in my prayers. I am so sad about your news.
Big hugs,

Leah C said...

They are pure sweetness...even though they wake you up just a little too early:)

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Sheila!
I totally know what you mean! Without my dogs my house would be cleaner, my sleep would be longer, my life would be simpler... and my heart would be MUCH, MUCH sadder. Dogs bring so much into our lives. I would be lost without mine.