Made in the USA

I recently finished another mini album for The Scrappy Gourmet - Made in the USA.
 We are so blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom to worship God, of free speach  and raise our families on this beautiful land we call home. 

We are living the American Dream where families and friends gather....
These times that we are together are priceless.  Our tradition on the 4th of July is to gather at my Dad's house.
We gather to celebrate this great country we live in.

Generations coming together to play and enjoy the day. 

All the smiles tell the story of how much we all enjoy being together.

And of how proud we are that Darren and Ken proudly served in the military.
So many things to be thankful for.
For our family and friends, for this great land that we love.
For all the memories of these precious times together.
We are truly an All American Family beautifully Made in the USA.

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Wishing you all a lovely summer day.


Julie Marie said...

Hi Sheila, each album you make I say is my favorite!... now, I think this one is... so much fun and happy memories inside... you asked about Clematis... they like the sun, but lots of water, and you need to keep their roots shaded!... they will thrive!... xoxo Julie Marie

Jane said...

Hi Sheila,
It was great seeing you on Saturday! When things settle down a little (like that ever really happens) I think we should make a day trip thrifting our way through NW Missouri!!
Your mini album is gorgeous!! You do beautiful work!

Leah C said...

Of course I love the album {lucky me, I got a "sneak peek"}...and the family it showcases!!

traci said...

that is such a great album sheila. what a great tribute to your family and this great holiday.

Suz said...

It's a beauty, Sheila. Very touching. What a happy family!

Unknown said...

You make the best sb albums girl!