Making Memories

These past several weeks, I have been taking a break... spending more time with my family especially since the kiddos are out for the summer.  I have let the dust bunnies grow, the laundry pile a little higher and oh yes even the dishes sit just a bit longer.
But what I have enjoyed so much is really talking, listening and playing with our kids.  I find out amazing things just by listening to our teenagers.  These are the times that memories are made. 

Wishing you a day filled with memories, sweet friends. 


traci said...

your priorities are straight. all the tasks can wait. the kids are the most important. love, love, love your necklaces.

Hearts Turned said...

I'm doing the same thing, all my girls home with me for a couple of weeks, so I'm enjoying every second! Still have a few deadlines to keep up with, though!

Love what you did with that silverware! You always have the most wonderful ideas!

Wishing you a most beautiful day with your family, dear friend...


Unknown said...

You sure know what's important in life :)


Leah C said...

You're so right...making memories right now is what's important:) There will always be laundry and dustbunnies; but, someday our kiddos are gonna fly from the nest{sob}. So, I'd much rather spend time with them:) And you & I are lucky...we've got great kids...they're way better{& more fun} than a pile of dirty dishes;)

Suz said...

Good for you, Sheila. They grow old so fast. Love that silverware.