Little Girls

grow up to be young ladies, filled with dreams and ambitions.  From the moment I had our first and only precious daughter, I wanted to dress her in dresses and frills.
I should have known that being a red head, there would be a stubborn streak...

(ok, ok.. I can't deny she gets the stubbornness from me). 

But when she started to decide what to wear pinks, dress and frills were not her thing (and seriously it's not mine either). 

 A momma can dream can't she?

So today this beautiful girl of mine still prefers her sneakers, jeans and t-shirt (just like her Mom), but sometimes I get a glimpse of that little girl when she dresses up. 

She even wore a pink dress yesterday to church... no lace or frills for her though.  But oh, so beautiful!

(I made this bib for a sweet friend to give to her niece recently.  I hope she loves it.)

Have a lovely day, dear friends.


Julie Marie said...

Hi Sheila. I love pink too,but I also find myself usually in my jeans, a tee shirt and my Reebox... those little baby clothes are precious!... xoxo Julie Marie

Leah C said...

Oh yes, I "get" this all too well...2 daughters and do either of them wear ruffles & frills?! Oh no:) Guess we'll just have to be patient and hope we get "girly-girls" for grandbabies;) Love the very sweet!

Createology said...

Oh how I love this bib but certainly NOT to put on a drooling messy baby. This is much too charming and creative to get dirty. This is magic...

Anne Marie said...

I ended up dressing my girls this way...and so far they haven't rejected the whole girly idea - but then again, I only wear dresses and skirts -

your pictures remind me so much of you ever read her blog? she's super would like her and her journal :)


traci said...

that is sooo cute. she will love it.

yeah, my girl never did ruffles and lace either. not sure if she ever will.