Prom 2011

So many beautiful memories for my daughter and her friends.  From hair that had 2 lbs and hairspray and 53 bobby pins, to dancing the night away, then to the after prom party and sleeping almost all day Sunday.  Sounds like they had a magical time.
As I edited these photos, I sat with tears streaming down...
My baby girl is growing up way to fast.  I want to hold on tightly and I know it is now time to give her wings to fly.  My heart breaks...  I think it too is because of the lack of sleep.  I worried and waited for texts to come to make sure that they had arrived at after prom.  Then getting up a 4 am to go pick them up at 5 am.  As we talked and she shared those magical moments, I am reminded and so blessed that we had this time together as Mother and Daughter.

Love you Boo.


Hearts Turned said...

How wonderful, Sheila...your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Redheaded girls are so dear to middle, 16-yr. old daughter has red hair just like yours...I LOVE it!

What sweet memories these will be for you and your girl...the years DO go by way too quickly...but aren't they all just wonderful?!

Have a lovely day, dear friend...and I hope you get a little sleep!


Julie Marie said...

How beautiful she is Sheila... a fairytale Princess... and I can feel all the love you have in your heart for this precious girl... xoxo Julie Marie

Leah C said...

Janna looks absolutely radiant! Beautiful dress, beautiful hair, beautiful young lady...who's growing up way to fast for me, too:) So glad you had these precious mother-daughter moments!! P.S. Love the photos...the whole group looks gorgeous:)

Candy said...

Oh to go back and do it all again...young and frisky! and absolutely gorgeous, your daughter.
Love the little Easter baskets you made. Will have to put those in my idea box and sorry but I don't know how to help ya get those sticky things out.
Blessings ;-)

CaninosArtisticCafe said...

Awww she is beautiful, they all look so lovely!! I have that coming up soon in about 3 weeks my son will have his senior ball then 3 weeks after that he will have his graduation. I just don't know where the time goes and it does get me teary eyed as well!

from some one who is right there with you going thru it all :)

Suz said...

She is a princess, Sheila, and she looks like such a nice girl. You must be so proud of her!

traci said...

she looks so beautiful. like a princess. such an exciting time in their life and you're right, a stressful time for us parents. i am glad she had a magical evening.