Wire Nest CharmTutorial

Supplies Needed:
Wire (I used 20 gauge)
Round Nose Pliers Stand 3 beads at the end of wire and turn under the end to keep the beads on.
Start making the nest by wrapping around the "eggs" several times.
Thread end of wire up through nest.
Pull through and then continue wrapping around eggs and threading up through to make nest.
Once the nest is the size that you want pull through the last time to make a hanger. Bend wire around the round nose pliers.
Then wrap several times around the base of the hanger. Trim off excess wire and crimp end down.
I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial on making these cute little nests.
Wishing you all a great day!


Leah C said...

It's a beautiful little charm! But, you know, I'm not "mechanically inclined";)

Createology said...

Great little nest charm. Thank you for sharing your technique. Happy Spring and Birds Who Sing...

Sarah said...

Great tutorial! The next charm turned out beautiful!

Lisa said...

Thanks SO much for posting this! I was *just* thinking this morning as I admired (for the millionth time) the bracelet you made for me, how I wanted to improve my own charm-making skills! :-)

Suz said...

Thank you, Sheila. So sweet and such a great tutorial.

traci said...

you make that look super easy. very cute. i'm with leah.

Unknown said...

Ooo I need to try this! Thanks for sharing!!!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Thanks so much for showing us...simply adorable!

Nancy Ward said...

Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog.

Nancy Ward