Walking in Spring

Last weekend, I went on a nature walk out my back door to see Spring in action.
As I walked toward the woods, I was amazed at God's beauty that surrounds us if one only takes a few moments to really look.
The beautiful pinks, creamy whites, lovely purples and spring greens paint my backyard telling me it is Spring once more.
I hope you have a chance to take a walk of your own and enjoy God's beauty all around.
Wishing you a beautiful Spring day, dear friends.


Suz said...

It is so beautiful there, Sheila, and your pictures are gorgeous. Now I have to complain...we have had SNOW! It's almost May and it is still snowing in Minnesota.
Hugs to you, lovely woman.

Jan Hennings said...

I'd love to see flowers in bloom here in Iowa :)
This week we had some snow and I'm anxiously awaiting warmer temps!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sheila... we take our Nature walk every single day, but it has been sooo rainy and cold here... it is getting green everywhere, but all the flowers are not blooming yet... still waiting for Spring to arrive in Centerville!... enjoy your beautiful weather... xoxo Julie Marie

traci said...

gorgeous photos. a little dose of spring. love it. not sure if i have seen any blooms here yet. at least we have sunshine today.

Leah C said...

Oh how I love the colors of spring!! Beautiful photos! Remind me to take a stroll in your backyard when I come over...if it's not raining;)

Lovey said...

So beautiful and serene...Thinking of you...Blessings my Friend! Happy Easter!