Romancing the Rust

I love the worn, weathered and rusty. The more rust the better. My home is filled with rusty treasures. When you visit our home, the first thing that greets you is one of my largest pieces of rust... then you will find a little more rust as you walk in the front door....

Most people would call these rusty things... junk. I call them beautiful treasures that make me smile.

Some are old and have rusted with time.... while others are newer but made to look old.

Whatever rust it is, it seems to find a special place in my home. I am the only one that is in love with rust?

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend.


Tammy said...

Hi Sheila, everything fits in beautifully around your home and certainly tells a story of who you are. Not that you are rusty or anything. Ha! All of your creations are so lovely. Even you digital work is amazing. My oldest son is always so excited when he comes across a honeysuckle bush on our travels. Certainly none to be found around here. :/ Spring Break has begun. Happy, happy, happy! Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

Leah C said...

Give me rust...I love it!! Good thing, too, because I feel a lil' rusty the more time goes by;0

Suz said...

Beautiful rust, Sheila! Those are wonderful things. Your pictures of them are also beautiful! You are so talented!

Candy said...

From one rustaholic to another...great pieces. Rusty things speak of haven weathered the storm of life and remain with a scents of endurance.
Blessings ;-)

Unknown said...

I love it too. I like to use rusty wire in my art work but I don't like how it leaves my fingers brownish!